GRA’s failure to collect taxes cost Ghana ¢9.1 billion—IMANI

A new report by Policy Think Tank, IMANI Center for Policy and Education has showed that the Ghana Revenue Authority’s (GRA’s) failure to collect taxes resulted in the country directly losing ¢9.13 billion from 2015 to 2020. According to the report titled “Fiscal Recklessness Index 2020 Project”, the GRA failed to enforce its main obligation […]

Mode of implementing VAT flat rate: Government to lose more revenue – expert

Some tax analysts have called on the Ministry of Finance and the Ghana Revenue Authority to engage retailers that may be affected by the VAT Flat rate announced in the 2022 budget. The new policy imposes a flat levy on businesses operating below ¢500,000 threshold.The policy however imposes over 19% levy on businesses above the […]